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Yesterday on down mode.. Today, ready to war!!

My younger sis is giving birth today but..

So, he called..

How did it go?

So I have an interview!!

My RoSie cannot start!

Happy birthday to me!

So, I bought a new car

Just cause

Down Mode


Another oversea trip

On the way to Krabi

One week before raya, I am in Kuantan!!

What. A. Y. E. A. R!

Goodbye, Jag

My first week as PO staff

Suddenly, my resume is most wanted

Journey as contract staff

Uber and Grab


And so, I have finally made the decision...

Bangkit Bersama

Dont you feel guilty?

No Beauty and The Beast?!

Back to working.. Mixed feelings

First day in the office after that unpaid leave

After One months...

So, what is your plan?


I got an interview but..

I finally made it