So, he called..

What a surprise! The last time we were in contact was early 2015. Unbelievable!

In 2014, i met him. He was younger than me but quite good looking. I initially treated him like my bro. He is about the same age as my bro. But later, it turned out to be more than that. Long story short, i got to know that he was a married man. Decided to cut all contact with him.

He called me just now, after more than 2 years. Actually there were few watsapp msg between me and him but it was purely business within these 2 years. Never i thought he would call me up and explained his situation. But he did.

I think whatever happened in the past is pure miscommunication between us. But another way of seeing thing, it is just not meant to be. He told me he asked for my hand in marriage few times but i rejected. In my defense, we barely get to know each other and due to the age gap, i thought he wasn't serious. Well, looking back at things, nope i dont want to regret whatever that had happened in the passed because i know that part of me, i felt that we just din match.

Or was i looking for a non existence perfect man? I dun know. After clearing himself up, i forgave him and ready to move on. And he wanted to see me to ensure that he has been forgiven. I thought hes asking too much but somehow i relented.

Lets see how it is when i met him. I hope we do really move on...


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