Thursday, June 22, 2017

One week raya, I am in Kuantan!!

Unbelieavable! Today is thursday, june 22, another 2 days to aidilfitri and surprise! I am in kuantan! My boss watsapp me last week confirming me to report duty before raya. I was ready to weep! But, as much as i want to say no, really, do I even have a choice. At first, when i decided to serve notice in april, i have decided to taake long leave until end of the year before joining the workforce again. I am soo tired with all the yoyo feeling since the last 2 years working in oil and gas business. I just had enough! However, when being offered as PO, I thought why not. Then I have to take 7 months unpaid... Sighh.. But then its ok, right. Just nice to take unpaid and i still have retrenchment money, plus my own saving, i can easily take a year off. Then i go bankrupt la.. Huhu.. But Tawakkal is just the key. I really dunno where 2017 gonna brought me but this year, i decided to improve my relationship with my maker, Allah and it has brought me peace. Solat sunat regularly, read quran regularly, i am calmer and suddenly out of this chaotic life, I find solace knowing that there is someone beside me in this difficult time. And i am ready to accept whatever is written ahead.

So, now, I am in kuantan. To be exact, in gebeng. Petrochemical industry is what i am working on at the moment and i seriously have no experience and i find it a new challenge i am ready to accept. My boss not only send me here, he also has totally transfered me to kuantan office, relinquishing all responsibility towards me. KL office can no longer claim me as one of them, i am now a kuantan staff. Just that thought, i am ready to cry but i know, in this difficult times, i can consider myself luckier than most people. At least i still have a job. Things that we once took for granted, like freedom to jump from one company to the other just like 5 to 4 years ago is just a thing in the past. Now, the employees are really at the bottom of cycle.

I am thinking of travelling to KL every weekend but i have to find someone willing to let me passenger. I just dun feel good to drive though its only 3 hours drive. I am a bit scared of karak.. Huhu.. But i know, i have to overcome that fear.

Looking forward a better future for oil and gas... And yeah, i am driving back to melaka tomorrow. Cant wait to meet my family though its been only a week. As i get older, i miss my family more than my friends.. Sighh... I must be getting old...

Sunday, June 11, 2017

What. A. Y. E. A. R!

It is only June 2017. On Jan 9 this year, I received retrenchment letter from the company. I seriously dunno where 2017 gonna bring me. Now, fast forward to June, A LOT of things has happened.. But as of now, I am still working with RWP  the company that gave me the letter. How is that even possible?

As you know, I opted for 3 months unpaid leaves, with options to be called back whenever company has new job that need me to work on it. I was called back on Feb 20. Work for 6 weeks before another 2 weeks unpaid because of my trip to Tokyo. And serve my 1 month notice in mid April. My last day in the office was May 15. Then, miracles happened.

My company has not win any new project since last Dec 2016. It is worrying to all of us, yours sincerely imcluded because i was thinking I can continue as PO if company win any job. Then one week before my last day, company won 4 jobs. Alhamdulillah! As expected, my boss decided to continue my service as contract staff on hourly charge. Yes, the pay is not something to brag. It is slightly above my previous salary, but adding the epf and insurance.. Sighhh...

So, its the start of my PO journey. However, on second week on the job, my Lead dropped a bomb.. The hours for the project is fast diminishing (its only the second week of the project) and due to some vendor data, i have to take 7 weeks off after 4 weeks in the job! Whatttt... I was speechless at first but slowly understand that is how it works now. Moreover, I am on hourly rate, easily dispose. Well, since its going to be Hari Raya soon, why not take early leave and enjoy a prolong Hari Raya right? So i was ready to leave, AGAIN!

Somehow, another miracle happened. Out of the blue, Kuantan office require a senior engineer to be stationed at one of clients office. How convenient! However, i got to know this not from my HOD but through my friends there. They quickly ask for my cv to submit to client and set up for interview. After the client review my cv, only then the Kuantan office let my HOD knows. He is ecstatic, of course since he wanted me to stay. Well, thanks to my Lead now, i now have a very good repo with my HOD. After the interview session with client however, the update was a bit slow. Hence, no confirmation yet on me to be in Kuantan. I was about to lose hope. And then, there is a call from Brunei. At the moment, lets keep the Brunei job under wrap first because there is no confirmation whatsover. I have been disappointed so many times. If there is good news, you might see me blogging from Brunei! Hehe...

Then yesterday my friend from kuantan office kinda confirmed with me that there is already an agreement between client and the company to let me start after Hari Raya but until that email comes along, nothing is sure yet.

Its only june, but a lot has happened. Me being out of work, then trying to do public mutual. It was tough on public mutual. Not easy at all and I am easily frustrated with the process of doing it. Luckily i have friends who trusted me and willing to invest. But it is really a hard job to do. I have to get myself familiar and soo many things to learn.. Being engineer is already a tough job and being an trust fund agent is even tougher now.

Makes me wish that i can just sit at home like during my unpaid leave but still getting paid. Who wants to be my sugar daddy, raise your hands, pleaseeee....

But i know, i am still lucky that most people. But i have another worry now. I want to take long leave for sea games, can i still do it???

Wednesday, May 24, 2017

Goodbye, Jag

After lunch today, vinoth came and ask us whether we heard anything about Jag passed away this morning. We didnt, and quickly watsapp anyone we knew working in the same company as his. It was confirmed shortly after that it is a true. We were kinda stunned. We know Jag has left the company for almost 3 years now but everyone who knew  him knows how great a man he is. During his last days in our office, he promoted me to senior position with salary increase. I can never thank him enough because after that increment, I have no increment in salary for 3 years. Litle that I know when he promoted me, he already gotten retrenchment letter from the management. He left us to another rival company. I remember asking him after learning of his departure. He told me he might work in KL for 6 months and maybe go to another country after that. He never left KL. Few people actually knew that my promotion has a bit drama behind it. I got another offer from a company but I was not willing to go. I decided to ask for his opinion because he is someone I believe I can talk to not only as subordinates but also on the same wavelenght as engineers. I was asking for opinion whether I should accept the offer since the salary offered is quite good. But on another level, job satisfaction now plays a big part in my decision and as someone with more experience, he can offer his input. I was not expecting him to actually wanted to counter the offer. Like, never. Because the offer is just good. But he did. However, there is small problem. He wanted me to immediately jump to another project. But i cant do that since I am doing some other project and the project is at its peak. But somehow he (according to him, the upper level) devised a plan so that i can immediately go into another project. It was kinda 007 mission. One of the most devious plan and it was during fasting months. Imagine that i have to act like people resigning but actually no. To my colleague eye, i am about to resign and start at new place but no. It was truly one of the things which i do not want to repeat doing it again. Never! After that incident, he left the company and i am so sad. And we get our HOD replaced very frequently after that. Such a hot seat!

Now, after confirming the news is true, i felt sad since i cudnt do anything. Dunno how to visit him, whether they will plan his funeral here or send his body back to India

But dear Jag, just so you know, you will be greatly missed!

Thursday, May 18, 2017

My first week as PO staff

My first day is on Tuesday. Since my last day as permanent staff is on monday, and i wanted to take a day off to differentiate between my permanent and contract status, plus, i wanted to bring my family to Cameron Highland, i decided to start on Tuesday. So, i came, checked the new contract, then straight to work. There is a lot of tasks to do but luckily I got an understanding lady lead which I love. I have never worked with her before but I know it's going to be great. The pace of work is ok, not too rushed (well, maybe it's too early to say that). Since my contract is only for 2 months, i can only inform her of my leave plan throughout this period. Though she knew i am going to take 2 weeks off in August for SEA games.
Projects are pouring in now but not so many people in the office now. Looking forward a flourishing year in 2017.
And pls wait for my update on SEA games!

Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Suddenly, my resume is most wanted

So, my boss decided to offer me PO. But i still did not get the letter. Din even see the numbers yet. Suddenly, my friends and ex colleagues been asking my CV to be submitted for few projects here and there. Suddenly i feel insecure. Din know anymore whatever i am doing now as right or wrong. On one hand, i almost can be sure to start as PO next week in the same company. In the next mins, not so sure anymore. At the moment, i am just going to enjoy my offer letter first, then maybe consider if there are better offer along the way. Of course, now i am looking for permanent position, which so far only one company is willing to give, but they din interview me yet. I can only pray, the future that once looked gloomy, may seem brighter.. Until things are better..

Thursday, May 4, 2017

Journey as contract staff

So, my boss has finally asked me yesterday whether i would be interested to join the company back as contract staff. Its maybe 1 to 3 months contract. All my colleagues kinda expecting this except yours sincerely. Why? I just had this feeling he didna agree with my decision to just activate my serving notice when the company has gotten jobs. Well, there are just so many miscommunication and misunderstanding between us, so i think its time to put stop to this and move on.

So my boss asked me yesterday, expecting me to say yes immediately. Well, since i didna expect this, i told him to give a day to think it over, coz i had things i need to do. Like going training for public mutual, finding customers and all. Being a unit trust consultant seriously takes a lot of effort and  now i understand why there are people quit their job and do unit trust fulltime. I somehow become interested because i have new things to learn. Being in engineering industry suddenly tires me. Money is good but the stress are just so overwhelming. All my colleagues are kinda surprised too. They never thought i will ask for more time frommy boss. Everyone knew he always wanted result fast. Well too bad, i know you need me but you have to wait. It is not really arrogance but i really wanna check whether i still have chances at other company or if there is none, i would just say yes. Tirn out, other company that wanted me still hoping for jobs to come in. And the other one is just silent. Suddenly i found myself in panic. What if my boss did not even wait for my decision and already got the engineer he wanted? I will be back in the market looking for job. When i decided to just activate my notice, i thot it is ok. I thought of resting during fasting month and starting looking for job after fasting month, hoping to start work after SEA games. With the money i have and gonna have for vss, i can last at least another 6 months. I was pretty sure i can job within that period. But after 2 job chances which goes bonkers, i am not that confident anymore.

So, this morning, i quickly find my boss and say yes. Of course he kinda expecting it... The next thing to do is to prepare documentation to go for contract on hourly rate. Open up company thru ssm, new stamp for company and current account. Manage to do 2 out 3 today. Only the current acc not yet prepared but it can be done in the next few days.

Now, i have pending documents to submit to public mutual. Hopefully i can submit them this week or next week before wednesday.

Next friday, is my last working as a permanent staff in my company... Sighhh...

Sunday, April 30, 2017

Uber and Grab

Am writing this in a grabshare car. Today i opted for grab since uber has higher price even with rm7 discount. Grabshare ia even cheaper but have to share rides with other passengers. I am ok as long as I am in a moving vehicle though it might take longer time to reach a destination. Am without car these past few weeks. But living in kl is convenient even without a car. I can take bus, train or even grab or uber. Sometimes i just bate driving, especially in KL. Jam road, parking..

The best thing about uber is, they keep giving discounts. But grab is cheaper. So i have both apps to compare for price.

In my hometown, not so lucky. The public transport just sucks and uber or grab is just not that available.

Hopefully it gets better