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So today, I am on my weekend in kuantan. Decided to cut back on the travel to kl city. I just need to have good balance sheet on my bank acc. Was observing my spending and i spent a LOT, like A LOT!!. Now I am on hourly rate without any benefit from the company. The more I get the more I spend. I just have to be mindful on what did i spent my money on. I wanna get permanent job is tough...

On saturday, decided to get new passport photo for my interview...opsss...this is the second one after the unsuccessful interview last oct..the first for 2018. I am very hopeful to get this one...but i know the competition is tough. Just gonna pray hard...feel like leaving the job i have now due to stress. This is like CPOC all over again....sighhh... and so, there goes my photo...sadly, i din like the pix at all. I was sooo disappointed...then decided to eat seafood for lunch but the kedai tutupppp...arghhh...this place is like dead even on weekend..what is wrong people...there…

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