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My car got smashed!

It was quite a day. I was about to reach home. Stopping at traffic light waiting for red to turn green. Putting my gear to neutral and just waiting. Suddenly a loud bang next to me.. the passenger side glass window was smashed. My first reaction is to scream loudly. Then i noticed a hand trying to grab my bag on the carpet. I did not put my beg on the passenger seat because of this. It is easier for them to grab on the seat. That is why i put it down on the carpet. The bag is as black as the carpet so i dont know how the thieves get to look at it. My assumption is, he has noticed me since several days. There is no way he comes, smashing on my window and know the location of my bag. He knew where my bag is. Even though i have secure tint on my window, it only helps to hold the glass but no guarantee for it not to be broken. Its glass so when you smash it with somwthing like hammer and with enough force, surely it will break.
When i noticed THE hand, my first instinct is to go for the b…

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