Finally, i have sent out the resignation letter today..

After waiting for 3 weeks, with so much dramas in between, until I almost believe the offer letter will never come and fate has played a cruel game...after rejecting high salary offer and agreed with lower ones...tough decision to make but deep down i know which company i want to work with. It was just the swayed of big money is just too much. I was blinded by my greed. After thinking it through i decided to just go with my preferred company and just forget the figure i saw in the other company. Not that easy. When i have officially rejected the higher salary company, i was already in resignation mode. But my preferred company still has not officially sent their offer letter. I waited, then called them almost every week for 3 weeks before finally see the official letter. I was surprised. No, the salary tgey promised me still the same but the benefits are just shooting through the roof. It seems that they almost make up the difference of salary with eye popping benefits. I just cant wait to start.

Then came the dreaded moment. Sending out resignation letter. Initially i was thinking of meeting my rwp boss in kuantan office outside bpc compound to discuss on my last days since my notice period is only 7 days. But due to recent incident, whereby 2 engineers has resigned within the stipulated 7 days period, bpc getting mad. It is not our fault the contract was made that way. The management is only thinking of their way out but they forgot the employees also has the power.  But my colleague has suggested to just emailed my boss without meeting him eye to eye and just state when is my last day. And so, i made a resignation letter and sent it to my boss before lunch hour. He immediately replied asking to meet me next week and ask me to reconsider. the moment, I am  not interested in counter offer. I really want to be back in KL. On another thought i felt guilty accepting the job in kuantan if i plan to go back to KL. I thought it was ok initially. It was fun. But somehow it is not for me. I just cant drive long distance and sometimes worry the distance will make it harder to go back to my hometown. I dunno.. i can see me already started working in the new company. Of course i hope it will be better than my current working condition and environment.

I am sorry boss but i have to let you down...


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