Tough decision?

I got 2 job offers last week. After listening to my friends advise and really look into each company, i decided to go to the bigger company but offer me lower salary. I decided to just forget the figure i saw offered by the other company. The reason? After thinking it through, i have decided since 2014..due to huge amount of stress in one of the projects that i handled that i promise myself if there is a chance for me to jump out from this consultation line, i would do it. That time, i have just been offered an increment in salary, countered by my boss since i rejected an offer from another rival company. It seems like a curse to me coz the project that i did after that is THE worst project eva!! 
Actually while goinh thru the interview between these 2 companies i already made the decision which one to choose. But of course, due to the high offer and also i was thinking that i am already too long in this consultant business, it just right to just continue. But few friend reminded me about the promise i made to myself in 2014.

To tell you the truth, i dunno if i ever made any right decision. You just go on on your choice and live it. It has to be done. I dont want to ever regret my decision. Since i have long decided, i should just go for it. I know now what it means by "money is not everything". You felt it was hard when you can already see the huge money. But the stress after that? Only time will tell whether i have made a good decision. But again..i am not going to regret my choice.
We should live the life we want...


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