Susuk the movie...

Yes, I watched it last week?
Was it good?
Hmm..To me, I think ok..
But I should be thankful to all the reviews written on the paper coz it helps me to understand the movie better.

I watched the movie with the knowledge that there are 2 stories which later merged to become one. So, i kinda know that Ida Nerina and Diana Rafar is the same person since the start of the movie. But if you didn't know that and dashed to cinema to watch it, you will only realize this at the end of the movie..talking about end of movie, I was damn furious bout it. It kept me second-guess who is her final victim (She had to kill few victims to become immortal, or maybe pretty forever).

The movie ended with Suzana (Ida Nerina) explained to her once-to-be-best-friend Nor (I couldn't remember her name) that she is Suraya and had to kill people for susuk. Nor was surprised and advised her friend to stop doing it. Suraya said no. End...All the credits came up. I was dumbfounded. Did Suraya listened to her friend, did she not??? I also noticed that the conversation took place below the Putrajaya bridge and at the early part of this movie, Suraya turned to horrible monster when she crossed a bridge. So, what happened???

I was about to get up, and in fact, a lot of people has already left the room, when suddenly, the movie is on again, with Suraya attacking her friend. End.

Hmm..I shud be thankful for leaving a bit late from other people and got to watch that. But it didn't do justice to all the people who didn't get to see that, rite? I dunno.

I think I also shud mention this. Eventho the movie is being classified as U for general viewing, you shud not bring your kids to watch this. Some of the scenes is really not for kids viewing. Especially the killing scenes. I just don't understand why they didn't put 18SG...


Amir said…
Thanks for your comments :-)

I always stay to watch the credits so I kinda assumed other people are like me. Doh!
Mrs ZYI said…
teringin seyy nak tgk heheheee..
zOe said…
definitely not worth my rm10 tix ..ughh..d hype was better den d movie ..i even fell asleep toward d end n missd out on ida confession's part

dah la antu ayam muahaha w that long fake white nails ..baik aku g tgk the mummy 3
HELME said…
Tidak semua cerita Melayu bagus, tapi SUSUK amat memberi kepuasan...
I still think about the story even after 2 days... when u think, u will undertand better and puas!
Pelakon, music, techniq, plot, camera semua bagus..
bora said…
bee tido seb baik takde bunyi-bunyian yg dikeluarkan oleh bee kat sebelah aku..

not bad la citer ni.. kitorg gi tgk hari tu 080808.. dgn jaja n fren..
tp the reviews on the internet help me to understand it better..
puas aku google around nak cari review.. like asking, betul ke apa aku faham ni..?

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