I'm such a mess! Another colleague of mine is leaving the company as well. And he put me to blame. I just don't get it! He said, because I intend to leave the company for better pay, he shud do the same too. Hey, where's ur integrity??

On a different note, there's a thousand things to do before my departure to new company.
1- Mobilize my stuffs-Kerteh to Melaka-KL
2- To complete jobs at hand
3- To handover all matters related to current house for my housemate to take care of (well, I'm the head of the house, I took care of bills and all)
4- To find new tenant to replace me
5- To find new room/roommate
6- To change email address for all my bills
7- etc...can't remember

Sigh...Haven't done any of it yet. And yes, I forgot. My trip to GC...Arghh...


zOe said…
haha sama la kita leaving kl for kch on merdeka day ..momentous date for a momentous period in my so-called career .. if u want, u can stay at my place for a while my apt ka nak rent terus? hehe but to commute kd to klcc kinda far gak la
bora said…
dah dapat rumah sewa..?
nanti bee takde, aku menempel dgn ko je la yer..

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