How's ur MERDEKA?

I was at home in Melaka. And I'm sad to say, the spirit of Merdeka this year has definitely plummeted compared to last year. I think one of the reasons are, we had heavily celebrated our 50th last year and the impact is now lesser. Well, that's only my theory. I know some of us might blame it on the critical political scenarios in malaysia nowadays but I clearly understand that I'm not the one to judge on that. Enuff said.

But my spirit is high on something else. Fasting and of course, raya...hehehe...maybe it's too early but the preparation starts now, right?
1- Baju Raya-check (hehehe..dah lama giler tempah, macam budak-budak)
2- Sampul duit raya- check (mydin dah start jual yerr)
3- Kuih raya - check (err..dah siap tempah, tp tak siap lg laa)
4- Duit raya- uncheck, kena tengok dulu bajet this year, but my dear nephews and nieces, this year has to cut budgets since my economic situation now is not very good.

And of course, since this raya is not only bout me but FAMILY, I have to chip in for the paintings, my siblings baju raya, expenses for the raya and all. Biasa laa..And yes...I'm kinda broke now....

Oh, yeah..other than merdeka, how's ur first day fasting? Mine...quite ok i guess...I woke up for sahur (becoming a habit these past few years..I hardly woke up for sahur when I was studying. A good thing, I guess), feeling a lil bit sleepy but not that tired. Everything seems fine, as of now.

But I definitely been waiting for the berbuka time...been counting the hours, since my first step into the office. my mind now, I can see all the food spread out for berbuka. Bestnyer kalau dapat berbuka kat umah kat melaka!! my mum kinda insisted on that actually but I have to save up my annual leave for THE big event in october.

K la guys, happy fasting!!


SaDi said…
Selamat berpuasa!!!!!
mrszyi said…
BIG even in Oct? Adakah aku termiss apa2 di sini? Weh, do tell me laaa..i'm just an email away..:P x sabar ni nak tauu..
jo said…
its the GC trip? selamat berpuasa joy. dah masuk opis baru ke?
herl said…
sadi, selamat berpuasa!

mrszyi, my trip to GC laaa, rancangan len tuh takder lg..:)

jo, start masuk opis baru after GC trip...

tak sabarnyeee...
rough said…
emmm...ape nih masuk kerja lepas gi Aus ek?? nice nice...anyway aku juga berpuasa di sini ok.

kalau ko ade ke KL meh2 le jmpa aku yer. mana tau leh buka2 posa ke.

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