Waiting game..

Since the last few weeks, i have been travelling to and fron kuantan kl every week to attend interviews. I went to 2 companies. Both in oil n gas business. One with fpso license operator and the other one is just another consultant company. I am pining my hope on the fpso operator. But the most stressful thing is, the interviews between these two companies is quite close in the date. I cannot simply say no until at least i get a confirmation which translate to official letter. I feel like i am playing balancing act with these companies. It seems that the consultant company is ready to hire me....but i want to work with the other one. I feel like i have been doing the same thing since the last few years and the situation now calls for permanent position in which only the fpso operator willing to offer. But they did not offer me anything yet....arghhhh...so stressful. Should i call them asking if they are really interested in taking me in? What if i actually failed the interview hence no answer? It will be embarassing if i call and then knew i didnot make it, right?? ....arghhh...


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