My younger sis is giving birth today but..

Yup, my second sister is giving birth today but it seems shes having some difficulties. The baby is due but her body is not giving any sign to welcome new baby, hence she might be induced and forced labor. This is already her third baby and 2 babies before this were normal delivery so all of us kinda shocked. She is still in the hospital and waiting.. Doctor is not giving her anything at the moment and just monitor her current situation. I wish i could be there with her. Sighh... I am so far away.. Pray for my sis to have smooth delivery and healthy baby

On another story, i met my old flame last weekend. It just confirmed my feeling that i could no longer feel anything between us. It is totally over and for him to continue acting like an adult and move on, well guess what, i have but not you. Well, we better dont see each other anymore. I am just so sick of all this


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