Happy New Year 2018!!

Wow, i guess its not too late to wish Happy New Year. Din blog for quite a while. Just dont have anything to post. Life is mundane..and a lot of travelling back and forth kuantan-kl-melaka the whole month that it took a toll on me. Tired but breaking my bank! Lol... When i look back into 2017, i was filled with so many emotions. There are a lots of things happened but the highlight is still on my retrenchment. How sad that it made this year a sad year. But really, trip to Tokyo, krabi and singapore shud be more than overshadow it since Tokyo and Cirque de Soleil in singapore has long been in my bucket list. Its true to saying that no matter how many good things happen, human only remembers the bad thing. I should be grateful that beside the bad episode, thankfully, I still have a job, no matter how far it is from where I used to live.
Enough about that!
So on new year eve, aida asked me to go with her watching the fireworks. Thinking that why not, we met at 11pm at klcc. The place is just crowded with thousands and thousands of people, mostly foreigners. For 1 hour we tried to find the best spot. When the countdown starts and clock hit 12am. Nothing happened. Where is The Fireworks...then we heard some noise and saw some fireworks but it was on the other side of the tower!! Arghhh...It shud be a short walk during normal time but no, there are thousands and thousands of people here and to walj even to another 10m takes 10 mins. There goes our fireworks!! Well, maybe not for the next time. I better watch fireworks from my condo and sleep early...sighhh...still, it is a night to remember...except that i fully supported the decision to ban vuvuzuela forever! This is noise polution through and through! This thing shud not exist in this world, at all!!


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