Another oversea trip

I am now on my way to KLIA2 for trip to Singapore with my best friends June and Izan. Wow, the 3rd trip this year. Tokyo, Krabi and now SG. Despite the hardship i face this year, getting retrenched, I still can manage 3 trips. Amazing, huh? All praise only to Allah.. When i thought i just cant do any trip, He has given me 3. Whenever I feel so down and lost, He is there to show me the way.
This year alone, i managed to cross 2 bucketlist. Alhamdulillah. One is trip to Tokyo. Trip that has took me years and years of planning but din take place. And the second bucketlist is going for Cirque De Soleil at Singapore. This show is huge to me. Before the last 2 years, before they came to Singapore, i always dream of watching the show. They only have it in US, Canada and Europe only. I thought maybe one day I can go to these countries with the sole purpose of watching the show. When they announced to have it in Singapore last 2 years, I was ecstatic as it was closer to my shore, however I couldn't get any of my friends to watch it with me and i could not afford the cost. Who knew, 2 years later, I am going to watch it with my close friends. Since this is my first time and probably the last, I bought not so cheap ticket. It was maybe third priciest. I maybe can afford the priciest but i have to be fair to my friends.
Having tickets and going there is enuff to get me too excited. It just never occured to me that when I thought its game over when i received the retrenchment letter, I can cross 2 bucketlist this year. I am truly blessed. Alhamdulillah


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