My RoSie cannot start!

Now, I am sitting comfortably at my chair, thinking and stressing out that I am going out really early tomorrow morning to drive back to kuantan and start my working week. Its beeb pretty tiring weeks going back and forth kl to kuantan and i just don't like this feeling. I am thinking to just stay in kuantan the next weekend since i am going to drive back to kl the weekend after that. Sighhh.. I just hate driving, yep, even with brand new car. Today i had panic attack.

I was at the parking lot in wangsa maju aeon and about to drive out to my home since i have an appointment with my insurance agent. As i try to start my new keyless entry car, it just didnt want to start. Normally, what i do is, press on the brake at the same time turn on the start button. But this time, the engine does not start. I turn off everything again and pressed the brake again but this time, i felt the brake kinda stuck and as i push the start button, nothing happened. I just freaked out. Dunno what to do. Going thru things in the car to find numbers to be contacted and didnt find any. Go thru the manual book but all i get is the confirmation that the battery ia still ok. I was numb. Then i tried calling my salesman, since he told me i can call him anytime but he din pick up. Hmm..

Then i gugel for honda malaysia and found honda assist no and call the expensive 1-800 no. Somebody picked up and as i was going thru my car information, all i get is, my car is brand new shud have no problem but hes going to send a technician to site. Ok, all i had to do was a wait. Then i remembered that i have paid for parking so maybe i had to beg someone from front desk to let me out.
As i wait, i saw a quite brand new honda hrv parked next to my car. Its also keyless.
Then, the owner came and starting to load his car with groceries and all. I went out from my car, and asked him about his car coz i was having problem with mine. He was eager to help and straight away understood the problem. And he provided the solution right there and then!

At that time, i din know what caused it, but anyway he provided the solution
1-Press start button twice and let all the errors being displayed.
2-Wait for abs signal to turn off, then step on the brake and press start button
Walla! My car roaring to life. I can never thank him enuff.

Then the salesman called me, asking on my car. Told him that someone helped me. From the way indescribed things he straight away concluded that i din turn off properly when i parked my car, which caused the error. Well, next time, i have to push really hard to ensure the engine has been properly turned off.

Definitely giving me a scare.

And i decided to name my car RoSie for obvious reason. Look at the colour and plat no! Oppss.. I guess you can't see that. But thats why i named her RoSie... My sweet RoSie..


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