Happy birthday to me!

The day has come! I am now at my hometown, melaka. Celebrating my 38th birthday with my family. And with a brand new car. Got my car on friday morning, met my colleague in KL office after that due to some business then drive home straight. After 2 hours drive, park my car in the porch and wait for my sis to come out. I called her when i saw the door is locked, thinking that she might be out and ruined my surprises.
Turned out she was inside the house. When i told her i was at the porch she was kinda surprised coz i told her i wud be home only on saturday morning. She went out but only looked at my car. She din even see me inside because my tint is so dark. I went out of the car and she screamed. Huhu.. None of my family knew i am taking new car. Later, we drove to get my mom and the same reaction. Thanks to my dark tint. Hehe..

So today, i am driving around with my new car. Starting to get used to this car. I am glad i can now bring almost all my family members in thw car. Hope this good feeling last for a long time.

We have a grand dinner tonight to celebrate my birthday. I am already happy from morning till now coz they keep treating me with so many food. I can never thank them enough.

Yep, I am turning 38 today. Feel so old. Wishing a better year ahead



herl said…
Its midnight and I have just opened up the present and cards from dear family. One card touches my heart. Written by my youngest sibling. She said she had prayed last 12 years for what we have today. We have been truly blessed. I hope whatever we have now, or whatever not, we will still stay united. InshaAllah

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