How did it go?

I had an interview today with one of the biggest oil n gas company in the world. It was a 4 hour interview with 3 interviewer per session per hour with lunch at the end of the interview. I never went to such long interview before. Kinda felt so small.

The interview started at 830 am but i was already there at 8 am. I wasn't familiar with the area, hence i came early. Even tried calling few friends to confirm the location however nobody picked my calls at 730 am.. Huhu.. My bad.. Luckily i found the place by wandering around and asked people. I got cold feet when i met few candidates turned employees when they talked about their experience during the interview session. Met another girl and found out she also came for the interview but she came for another post. When we were gathered, i found out that there will be 4 of us going for the same session for the same post. All of them are men and other races but me. Hmmm.. Kinda felt intimidated. As we talked, i found out they are all younger than me. I was like, why i was even here??

We were briefed by a manager on the overall organisation of the company and the expectations and benefits working for the company. I can tell you that, upon going thru the benefits, I felt like i hit a jackpot if i work for this company. The benefits are like the dreams of all employees. We get car allowance, financial aid on housing loan, almost unlimited medical benefits and also retirement plan. Ohemgeee... Is this even real?? I prayed hard that i can get into this company...

So, there are 4 of us and we have 3 interviewers. All of us will be be interviewed by these 3 interviewers with 1 will be in the waiting room. It took almost an hour per session. But i din feel like it was an hour. And since most of the interviews exceeded the time limit, my last interview has to be cut short and i was really lucky because it was for the technical questions.. Huhu.. The other two were mostly on behavior and analytical test. All four of us agreed that the technical technical one is the most difficult. It wasn't difficult but it was something we are not familiar with, the downstream relief case. All four of us has only upstream experience. When i saw the scheme, i quickly stated to the interviewer that i am not familiar with the scheme and can only answer as per my understanding. And she is asking things in specific but i think the question is quite general. So by the time we get to the answer, i straightaway understood what she wanted.

I cudnt say i was quite confident with all the three sessions. I knew that today is one session, but i am sure they have many other session to fulfill God knows how mang positions though they admitted that they are expanding. It's anyone's game or in other words, rezeki masing masing.

Do i hope to get in? Of course! But if i din get it, at least i din embarrass myself, as what i orriginally thought i would do.. Every prayer, i pray that i do not embarass myself and Alhamdulillah Allah grants it. If its meant to be, its meant to be.


herl said…
I din get it. But i am ok. I have another intvw in jan 26. Wish me luck!

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