So I have an interview!!

Its off day today for kuantan with the birthday of Sultan Pahang birthday. Wow, its been so long i get to experience the off day due to sultan birthday. As u know (or NOT!) I am from Melaka and been living in KL for some time. We have no sultan there!

So what do i do today? Well, the two days off on Saturday and Sunday, I din so much. And so is today. However, since I have an interview this coming friday, i decided to get myself prepared. Though i dont really know what kinda questions gonna be thrown to me but its a 3 hour interview with lunch with interviewers in between. I had one interview once over dinner and it wasn't really an interview to brag about. 3 freaking hours with 3 interviewers!! I just hope i so not embarrasse myself.

Its been so long since the last interview. Well, if we could consider interview with my current job now, it wasn't that long but its difference coz the last interview was just about attachment to the current company. No technical questions whatsoever. I am expecting a lot more coz its gonna be 3 hour long. And i can tell you that the post i am applying is also a technical post so... Hrmm.. I felt a lot of pressure and starting to regret my choice of post and its too late to cry over spilt milk, right?

And i applied it in January. Now its already towards end of October! Wow, they really took so long to evaluate candidates, huh?

So, lets pray for me. I want to say that i am not putting much hope in it but i dont want to embarrasse myself either.

Goodluck Herlina!!


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