I got an interview but..

Times are tough now,  and i see no way out.  I have discussed with mommy numerous times and she asked me to hold on. When you thought you had a great career with good pay,  you cant just imagined not having it anymore. This is where i am now.  Its like you are in a dark tunnel and you cant see the light at the end.

I've heard that we are going to have another round of retrenchment.  Have heard about it probably since last month. I was more than ready for it. I have discussed with my boss that if i have an option,  i would opt for, 6 months leave.  Yes,  no salary for 6 months though. But i have calculated my saving,  decided to take out my trust fund so that i am financially ok for 6 months.

Then my boss told me that a company would like to hire me for a year.  The company is located at neighbouring country. I was ecstatic. And they wanted to interview me tomorrow. So,  i was feeling a bit happy,  though a part of me cant help but think i might not get it.  I have been to few interviews and failed at some of it. But that is not my main concern. My problem is,  while i am happy to be given a chance for a year work,  there are friends who already got retrenchment letters and dreading for the future. Can i be happy? I dunno any more. I am now sad and depressed. And my boss is hoping i get thru so he doesnt have to put my name on the list.

I dunno anymore. I pray hard that we are going to get thru this tough times.


herl said…
This is after the interview. It was ok, but still not putting much hope. Klau ada rezeki, ada la k. Feeling a bit better. And already the boss msged me asking on it. Well, will update later
herl said…
Well, its me in nov 2017. Hmm.. I failed the interview though. They are not interested in taking staffs from KL office i guess. But all good now since i am now working in kuantan..

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