I finally made it

After 3 years,  I can proudly say that I have khatam-ed quran. At my age,  my whole life,  i have never once completed the recite of quran under a certified teacher. I have completed reciting quran on my own few times but this time,  its official. And that after 3 years learning under this ustazah.  Ustazah Asiah.  What started as a just for fun learning,  later i am hooked to it because deep down i know i have been reading it wrong but just cudnt find the teacher.  3 years is a long time. I started without knowing when will i get to the last page. I skipped class few times during the first year because i thot it wasnt important enough. Everything changes one day or maybe after the second year. Depressed about work,  my personal life,  everything jumbles up and i needed an outlet.  AlQuran was the answer.

Suddenly i feel i was alive.  I found something to look forward to very much. Up untill early jan 2016, the class had about 20 students and conducted at office surau every friday during friday prayer since my company is half day on friday. Each of us only recite a page a session. When my company decided to go for full day on friday,  the class dismissed. But i continued on since i have the time to drive to ustazah house. I was only few juzuk that time. Since my reciting is better,  ustazah asked me to read 10 page per session. That actually speed up my khatam.

Finally,  after 3 years,  i have officially khatam today on Jan 1, 2017.  Alhamdulillah..


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