Today is the start of my 3 months unpaid leave. Surprise, huh? Me too..My boss handed over the letter at 4pm yesterday. I was ready to leave already. Initially he wanted to discuss on a project I did before. Suddenly he went about the proposed attachement for Brunei office. He just knew that me and my colleague did not get thru. I was a bit disappointed but when I saw him handed me a letter, I was speechless at first. Could it be...? I was right. It was my retrenchment letter.

I should see it coming. The way he handled the attachment. In a rush, without asking me and my colleague first. Then, there was a meeting which my name was not included. But maybe because I refused to believe it.

Since I have discussed my option with him few weeks before, I did not want to turn back on my words. I quickly pack my stuffs and inform hr. Everything was done in less than 2  hours. Yours sincerely already in depressed mood.

After saying goodbye to few friends, I walked out from the office. I didn't cry, but almost cry when I talked to one of my colleague. I wish this day never comes but it is totally out of my hands. I believe that there is bigger things await and I have to be calm.

I will forever remember  this day, January 9 , 2017, the day I got retrenchment letter from my dear company.


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