Goodbye, Jag

After lunch today, vinoth came and ask us whether we heard anything about Jag passed away this morning. We didnt, and quickly watsapp anyone we knew working in the same company as his. It was confirmed shortly after that it is a true. We were kinda stunned. We know Jag has left the company for almost 3 years now but everyone who knew  him knows how great a man he is. During his last days in our office, he promoted me to senior position with salary increase. I can never thank him enough because after that increment, I have no increment in salary for 3 years. Litle that I know when he promoted me, he already gotten retrenchment letter from the management. He left us to another rival company. I remember asking him after learning of his departure. He told me he might work in KL for 6 months and maybe go to another country after that. He never left KL. Few people actually knew that my promotion has a bit drama behind it. I got another offer from a company but I was not willing to go. I decided to ask for his opinion because he is someone I believe I can talk to not only as subordinates but also on the same wavelenght as engineers. I was asking for opinion whether I should accept the offer since the salary offered is quite good. But on another level, job satisfaction now plays a big part in my decision and as someone with more experience, he can offer his input. I was not expecting him to actually wanted to counter the offer. Like, never. Because the offer is just good. But he did. However, there is small problem. He wanted me to immediately jump to another project. But i cant do that since I am doing some other project and the project is at its peak. But somehow he (according to him, the upper level) devised a plan so that i can immediately go into another project. It was kinda 007 mission. One of the most devious plan and it was during fasting months. Imagine that i have to act like people resigning but actually no. To my colleague eye, i am about to resign and start at new place but no. It was truly one of the things which i do not want to repeat doing it again. Never! After that incident, he left the company and i am so sad. And we get our HOD replaced very frequently after that. Such a hot seat!

Now, after confirming the news is true, i felt sad since i cudnt do anything. Dunno how to visit him, whether they will plan his funeral here or send his body back to India

But dear Jag, just so you know, you will be greatly missed!


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