Journey as contract staff

So, my boss has finally asked me yesterday whether i would be interested to join the company back as contract staff. Its maybe 1 to 3 months contract. All my colleagues kinda expecting this except yours sincerely. Why? I just had this feeling he didna agree with my decision to just activate my serving notice when the company has gotten jobs. Well, there are just so many miscommunication and misunderstanding between us, so i think its time to put stop to this and move on.

So my boss asked me yesterday, expecting me to say yes immediately. Well, since i didna expect this, i told him to give a day to think it over, coz i had things i need to do. Like going training for public mutual, finding customers and all. Being a unit trust consultant seriously takes a lot of effort and  now i understand why there are people quit their job and do unit trust fulltime. I somehow become interested because i have new things to learn. Being in engineering industry suddenly tires me. Money is good but the stress are just so overwhelming. All my colleagues are kinda surprised too. They never thought i will ask for more time frommy boss. Everyone knew he always wanted result fast. Well too bad, i know you need me but you have to wait. It is not really arrogance but i really wanna check whether i still have chances at other company or if there is none, i would just say yes. Tirn out, other company that wanted me still hoping for jobs to come in. And the other one is just silent. Suddenly i found myself in panic. What if my boss did not even wait for my decision and already got the engineer he wanted? I will be back in the market looking for job. When i decided to just activate my notice, i thot it is ok. I thought of resting during fasting month and starting looking for job after fasting month, hoping to start work after SEA games. With the money i have and gonna have for vss, i can last at least another 6 months. I was pretty sure i can job within that period. But after 2 job chances which goes bonkers, i am not that confident anymore.

So, this morning, i quickly find my boss and say yes. Of course he kinda expecting it... The next thing to do is to prepare documentation to go for contract on hourly rate. Open up company thru ssm, new stamp for company and current account. Manage to do 2 out 3 today. Only the current acc not yet prepared but it can be done in the next few days.

Now, i have pending documents to submit to public mutual. Hopefully i can submit them this week or next week before wednesday.

Next friday, is my last working as a permanent staff in my company... Sighhh...


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