My first week as PO staff

My first day is on Tuesday. Since my last day as permanent staff is on monday, and i wanted to take a day off to differentiate between my permanent and contract status, plus, i wanted to bring my family to Cameron Highland, i decided to start on Tuesday. So, i came, checked the new contract, then straight to work. There is a lot of tasks to do but luckily I got an understanding lady lead which I love. I have never worked with her before but I know it's going to be great. The pace of work is ok, not too rushed (well, maybe it's too early to say that). Since my contract is only for 2 months, i can only inform her of my leave plan throughout this period. Though she knew i am going to take 2 weeks off in August for SEA games.
Projects are pouring in now but not so many people in the office now. Looking forward a flourishing year in 2017.
And pls wait for my update on SEA games!


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