The scene of me visiting Tokyo has been playing in my mind for so long. Since i was a kid. I grew up watching japanese dramas and it just never crossed my mind that i would really step my foot there.. Even after visiting seoul for so many times, i did not dare to put my hope of visiting Tokyo. Its just too expensive for me. Thats what i thought. Then somehow i got the courage to tell myself lets do Tokyo in 2017 at the peak of Sakura season. Where tourists came bustling right and left, accomodations are far more expensive. So, why not.? Initially, I wanted to do a solo like what i did last year with Seoul. However, i have been to Seoul before, Tokyo, never. I was a bit reluctant, but somehow, I throw a caution to the wind and jokingly asked my friend Aida to join me. I told her I am still doing a solo if she did not come with me. No pressure. Turned out she wanted to tag along. Great! Now I have a strong reason to plan this vacation. So, to cement this, I had to buy the flight ticket to make it a reality. I have to wait until mid dec for aida to say yes. By that time, the flight ticket has soared from 1200 to 1700. Well, at least she still wanted to go. So, thats the start of my grand planning. I have alreasy imagined myself in Tokyo.

Then came the letter. Retrenchment letter. But since i have already allocated some budget and i have even paid for flight and hostel, I still went ahead with the trip. I took 3 months unpaid and my trip is between my unpaid leaves which is just perfect.

So, we boarded the plane to Tokyo. So the plane was hot. So we reached Tokyo... And everything is just a dream come true... Such a great season cherry blossoms is. Such beautiful flowers, such a clean city.. I cannot praise enough... Everyday is a fairytale in Japan. And yes, i would definitely come again, when things are getting better one day.

Hope to see you again Japan!


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