One week before raya, I am in Kuantan!!

Unbelieavable! Today is thursday, june 22, another 2 days to aidilfitri and surprise! I am in kuantan! My boss watsapp me last week confirming me to report duty before raya. I was ready to weep! But, as much as i want to say no, really, do I even have a choice. At first, when i decided to serve notice in april, i have decided to taake long leave until end of the year before joining the workforce again. I am soo tired with all the yoyo feeling since the last 2 years working in oil and gas business. I just had enough! However, when being offered as PO, I thought why not. Then I have to take 7 months unpaid... Sighh.. But then its ok, right. Just nice to take unpaid and i still have retrenchment money, plus my own saving, i can easily take a year off. Then i go bankrupt la.. Huhu.. But Tawakkal is just the key. I really dunno where 2017 gonna brought me but this year, i decided to improve my relationship with my maker, Allah and it has brought me peace. Solat sunat regularly, read quran regularly, i am calmer and suddenly out of this chaotic life, I find solace knowing that there is someone beside me in this difficult time. And i am ready to accept whatever is written ahead.

So, now, I am in kuantan. To be exact, in gebeng. Petrochemical industry is what i am working on at the moment and i seriously have no experience and i find it a new challenge i am ready to accept. My boss not only send me here, he also has totally transfered me to kuantan office, relinquishing all responsibility towards me. KL office can no longer claim me as one of them, i am now a kuantan staff. Just that thought, i am ready to cry but i know, in this difficult times, i can consider myself luckier than most people. At least i still have a job. Things that we once took for granted, like freedom to jump from one company to the other just like 5 to 4 years ago is just a thing in the past. Now, the employees are really at the bottom of cycle.

I am thinking of travelling to KL every weekend but i have to find someone willing to let me passenger. I just dun feel good to drive though its only 3 hours drive. I am a bit scared of karak.. Huhu.. But i know, i have to overcome that fear.

Looking forward a better future for oil and gas... And yeah, i am driving back to melaka tomorrow. Cant wait to meet my family though its been only a week. As i get older, i miss my family more than my friends.. Sighh... I must be getting old...


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