Just cause

How many times have I used this word "Just cause"? Like, never, but why the topic is this? because, just cause. huhuhu...

Its' Friyay today, planning to go back to KL this weekend but cancelled on that since my interview with Exxon Mobil got postphoned. the Section Head who is supposed to interview me is from Houstaon and he is stuck there due to Hurricane Harvey. Wow! and my colleagues are making fun of me because the position is sooo important that Section Head from Houston is conducting the interview. Huh! I do not put high hopes on this interview because of the difficult post I am applying: Safety Relief Engineer! What am I thinking??

I am not gonna talk how difficult the post is because not in the mood to describe it. I could have just applied for easier post but last few months, I wasnt't in my right mind. I just apply anything that came my way. not only that, yesterday, my friend watsapped me about the possibility of me filling up as a lecturer at her uni since I applied for it last few months. When you are desperate, you just do whatever you gotta do to ensure you are employed. That was how I was few months back. Now? Yes, I have work now, but its on contract basis. seems not very promising, if I was in this position last few years. But everything changes after 2014. That is when the price of oil started dropping, causing major fiasco in oil and gas sector.

I am still thinking about the offer from my friend. Lecturer? I really dunno wether I will make a good lecturer. the other side of it is...the low pay. Currently, I have few commitment and expenses which really give me headache, and I am pretty sure being a lecturer in a government uni might not be able to shoulder the burden. Should I just cross out the lecturer option? do I need more time to think? I really dunno.

the other one, ExxonMobil, it would be great if I get it but I am not putting much hope in it. But I have to really prepare myself so that I wont embarrass myself in the interview. wish me luck!!

So, I am staying in Kuantan during the weekend. What do I do???


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