Dont you feel guilty?

I got this question as i was about to head out from office at 6pm. This was question from my collleague. Why, you ask? Today marked the 3rd day in a row i got out from the office quite early. The last few weeks, my average is at 8pm. While my colleagues, totally passed that time. The record is at 12am.
So, do i feel guilty if i am the only one who got out from the office earlier than my teammate? Or do i feel guilty not be able to join them and have lengthy discussion on the project. Well, at the moment, i just cudnt care less. When i have an appointment, i would like to keep it. I dont really like working long hours because i tend to make mistakes more if i spend more time thinking on something for more than 8 hours. If i just feel that i wanna go home now, cant take it anymore, i will do it. There is no point staying when i can no longer focus on things.
This is not to say that i am not focussed and lazy. I work hard. But i know my limits.
Being in a competitives environment like what i sm experiencing now, with teammates ready to stay long hours, work over the weekend or do work at home, totally not me. I know i have to get things done and i am realistic on my expectations. Though i can say that in the project i am doing now, i have no freaking clue on the progress or things to be submitted. On one hand, i know i have deadline and i am confident i can meet it. On the other hand, my teammates is saying i am not doing enough.
Though you can say i am already in holiday mode. My trip is less than 2 weeks to go and i just cannot focus on other things.

Lets hope whatever it is, i can complete all my deliverables before my trip. If i cant? Well, too bad, right? Even i know myself that whatever i am doing now, it takes 2 people to do it. I just have to toughen up in this weather.

This too, shall pass....


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