First day in the office after that unpaid leave

My first day today in the office. I know its going to get tough.

Boss told me briefly that I would be involved in a 4 week job. I know its fast track job but I cud not imagine how tough it is. Came to the office, has to find my PC first, found it after 930am, set it up myself, then I had problem logging on. Called IT and he asked me how long have I not logged on? Well, try One and  half month. That s the problem! The network has forgotten my PC and need to configure in the network. Well, welcome to the office Herlina! Try being unpaid for more than 6 months, I cud say bye2 to my PC.

I was briefed by my Lead..hmm ok, take some time to warm up coz, well, I did not do anything  since the last couple of week other than starring at my tablet, watching kdramas, c dramas, thai dramas... hmmm... its ok, I can do this, told myself. Towards the end of the day, well, its already 8pm when I left the office... wow, what a first day and finally I figured out why my Boss called me to the office. I am about the do the most difficult work of all, the most hated part, all me because almost everyone in the team has taken the easy one. Well, not easy la, but they were part of the team before and already familiar with their system, but system I am handling is where there is no one in the office has much information. Kudos heroine! I can already see myself sleeping in the office this weekend... cry, cry..

Well, its tough now, and I have to endure 4 more weeks or maybe more. Toughen up, its going to get even tougher later...


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