My Europe Story-Day One

Let's start with the first day...flying to London...I was alone (did you know that??)...I boarded MH04 to LHR at 10:05am on Friday, June 15. My first time flying solo and the duration is for 13 hours!! Oh My Gucci...While check-in, I decided to take the seat closest to the window. Well, isn't it natural for anybody to have seat closest for window for view? However, it was quite a bad, bad decision, and I really regretted it the moment I put my sweet lil bum down. Why? It is harder to go to the toilet and the flight is for THIRTEEN hours long! Luckily, the person next to me was a pregnant lady who has the urge to go to the toilet almost every hour. Phewww....everytime she goes, I will go oso...huhu...When I got to LHR, the local time there is about 430pm..Imagine stucked in the flight at 10am daylight and getting out of the flight THIRTEEN hours later, it is still bright outside? I knew the clock already struck 12am in KL but in order to get used to the time there, I have to really think it's really 4pm. Tho my eyes were really heavy. Sleeping time in KL lorr...And to make matters worse, I decided to take the tube to Malaysian Hall...I was in the tube for more than one hour, and seriously, if in KL, I wud surely fall asleep in the train (happens quite a few times already..huhu), but being a stranger in a new land, no matter how sleepy I am, I just have to keep awake.  My pix waiting for the train to arrive..
My first time in London, and yet, taking the tube like a pro...hurmm...something is wrong here...yes, my calculation is wrong...there are few options to go to Malaysian Hall via tube. I have to interchange with other line to make it there. Being tired, I decided to take the route with the least train change. I decided to change the train at holborn and from holborn I decided to go to M Hall at Queensway stop. There are 2 stations which will get you to M Hall by  walking distance, Queensway and Bayswater. My mistake is (although I have checked few times with London transport scheduler) I cud not really factor in how much walking was required. Because I have never been there! I was not talking about walking from Queensway or Bayswater to M hall here. The interchange of train at Holborn from Piccadily Line (from the airport) to Central Line at Holborn is really not recommended if you have big luggage or kids. It was a loooonnnnnggggg journey the moment you get out from Piccadily line to Central Line. And being my first time here, I almost get lost trying to find where the Central Line which headed to M Hall is. And since I was there at around 6pm, which is peak hour, the crowd is horrendous! When I get to Queensway, tired and sleepy, I also need to find the way to M hall. Luckily, I've armed myself with enuff info on how to get there. It was nearly 8pm when I reached there but because it is summer time, it is still very bright. Night start around 10pm.

 Malaysian Hall in London....

After registering myself, I checked-in into my room for the nite...I booked for single room which only cost me GBP20 per nite. Cheap huh? Yeah, but here got curfew's the same as staying at dorm. At 10pm, whether you are in or out, they will lock the door. So, no night activity for me! Cos nite here is after 10pm...howww??? Not only the accomodation is here is cheap, the food also cheap and malaysian style, that is! I never go hungry in London (even the whole Europe trip!) But M hall is not suitable for families. Here, ladies and gentlemen live on separate floor. Cannot campur one! Better stay in the hotel.

Waking up (seriously I did not know whether I slept or not coz so scared if I miss the timing), taking a bath (yup my room have bathroom), checking my stuff and bag, I was ready to check-out and breakfast (did I have roti canai or nasi lemak? cant really remember). I was at the lobby and realized that there are many people with the same destination: Hyde Park. Yup, that's the meeting point for Kelana Convoy trip. I was relieved! Suddenly I was surrounded by many friends. I like!

So, the big Kelana Convoy group headed to Hyde Park together. We took a bus and stop after the Marble Arch bus stop. Then we walked a bit at Hyde Park to get to the meeting point. Since we came in a big group, I felt safe and just follow the crowd. Then Kelana Convoy Bus came and we are all ready for our journey in Europe....


Anonymous said…
Hye...nk tny mcmne nk book bilik kt m hall? Already email n they told to call them again one week before going to london.. I mean, its so x logik..coz if they reject my application i...abes la. Plis share. nonanoris@gmail. Tq

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