Europe Trip- Italy - ROME

"The colosseum is closed!" I can still remember this statement from an actor in a muvie, which I cud no longer remember the title...huhu...these are like magic words to me...And I'm living my dream, every single day during this whole trip...I'm still sighing and going aah-ing everytime I browse thru my Europe album (and now with the photobook I have, no longer need to turn on my pc for pix! Rome is like the tip of my dream...almost...the tip is definitely Switzerland...owh...later about that country. This post is about ROME. I. L.U.V.R.O.M.E....well, except for the constant fear for pickpocket baddies...they are EVERYWHERE...the way I survived (tho this does NOT really guarantee that you will be save from pickpocket), as you can see from the pix, I brought my sling bag and placed it always at the front. I didn't bring my purse (I left my IC in a locked cabin), just some cash stashed sumwhere hidden at the back of the bag (easy for me to reach the cash and hard for other people to reach) and my credit card is in the bag, in a zipped compartment)...if you have jacket with inside pocket, you can place your cash and credit card inside your jacket. Just make sure the jacket is properly zipped, ok? With all these troubles, is it really worth the trip here? For me, still worth it!
The first place we went after getting out from the metro (just be extra carefull here since this is the center of pickpocket!), Vatican City!!

 Da Vincci Code!! Sigh......Living my dreams...over and over again....I was surprise that Vatican City is actually a small part of Rome, and yet, for those who dun know, Vatican City is actually a country on its own. It has its own administration and city council which does not belong to Rome. Pope is the country leader. Well, if you wanna more, google it! This place is not very big and you can easily walk from end to end in a few hours. But of course, if you wanna appreciate this place, it cud take you the whole day. The paintings and scuplture are amazing!

Next is Colosseum!!

As you have guessed it there are many people here! There are few other buildings than the famous collosseum, but I have just forgotten the names. There are also an excavation site nearby.
Next is Trevi Fountain!

Spanish Steps!

While walking from Trevi Fountain to Spanish Steps, one of my friends nearly became a victim to a pickpocket. They are just fast and you cud not see how they works but luckly the boy (so young, yet, many of them are that young) only managed to grab the train ticket and not the cash. Luckily one of us saw the incident and rushed after the boy. Yep, we managed the train ticket back but the boy doesn't feel so guilty. Argghh...we didn't report this since we new that this is a common thing here in Rome and rather than spending the rest of the day in the police station for a train ticket, let's us enjoy Rome more (since our time is limited) just have to be extra careful here....other than that incident, Rome is just historical...even the new buildings here are designed to match the old architectures...I'm so impressed! To those who has been to Paris, I think Rome and Paris is quite similar, in term of architecture and preserving the old buildings (well, I cud be wrong, I spent only one day at both places!:p)..everywhere you go, it just takes your breath away..


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