Europe Trip-Austria

Well, I only go to Innsbruck, not the whole of Austria, tho I wish I cud do that. During the short time here, I noticed that this country is being surrounded with beautiful mountains. And such fresh air! Definitely a country to be revisited. I was thinking Vienna, the next time, who knows? It was quite a long journey from Germany to Austria.By the time we reached the campsite in Austria (can't really remember the name of the place), we were quite astounded by the beauty of the place.

View from the campsite....but we were here for one day only. More like a stopover before our next destination, ITALY. Here, we went to Innsbruck, one of the towns in Austria. Do you know that Swarovski is actually originated here? We went to their HQ. Well, dun ask me about the price coz everything is pricey when you convert your money from Euro to RM. But still, people say that it is much cheaper here as compared to other part of the world. After ooh-ing and gaga-ing all those blinks, I decided to bought one for mommy. I am such a scweeettt daughter! huhu...and I can also claim VAT. ok la tuhh...
Here is also famous for its apple strudel but too was no longer available when we get to the store. arghhh...i still bought pastries tho coz I was hungreeeehhh...also manage to snap pix with the street artist there...

This is a normal in Europe...but dun forget to chip in a euro or two to appreciate them! I did!

And watduyouknow! that's all about my trip to Austria! Short and yet refreshing. Next stop, ITALY!!!


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