Europe Trip- Italy - Venice

Venice! When I watched Angelina Jolie's The Tourist, I cud never believe that I actually stepped my foot here....crazeeeeeeeee......Our campsite this time is near the sea and it was sooooo freaking hot! The weather, of course...

View of my cabin....

Tho we stay in the was still hot...well, maybe becoz there is no fan....but most of the cabin here has only, during summer, welcome to hell!...huhu...the campsite here has "extra" facilities, which is the nite club, but I never go there....oh, yeah, all the campsites in Europe is equipped with laundry facilities, i.e washing machine and dryer. For each spin cost about 4 euro (washing machine and dryer needs to be paid separately). Here, because the weather is too hot, we skipped the dryer. I thot that since it is hotter here, the clothes will dry quickly. NOPE. I left the clothes to dry during the nite and it is still wet the next morning.
Since the campsite is by the seaport, we can walk to the port and wait for our boat to venice. Such a hot weather and I need to put on my sunblock. Actually I had to buy one since I didn't bring any from KL. I thot even summer in Europe, it will not be as hot as in KL. NOPE. The sunblock here cost me 16euros!!! I had to calm myself and not do the mental calculation. But trip to venice is totally WORTH it..

Gondola trip is definitely a thing to do...the buildings here with water around is just an experience that you can't find anywhere else....the museum, the market (i love realto!) and mark's square...are just awesome...
This is Mark's square..looking back at this picture, it is kinda hard to imagine this place was partially submerged with water few months back due to big flood in italy. We also had our lunch nearby this square.

After travelling to Amsterdam, Germany and Austria, things are definitely cheaper compared to other countries. Souvenirs are sooo cheap! I had allocated quite a huge sum of money to be spent in Italy (since there are 3 stops here, Venice, Rome and Pisa) and cud'nt believe my luck that I cud spend the same amount in other countries and yet I got more here. To those planning to visit Venice, please hold to your money before reaching Realto. Things in Realto is sooo much cheaper than any other place in Venice. The fridge manget can go as low as 0.5 euro! That's for not so pretty ones but has venice wording on it. More expensive ones cudn't get more expensive than 2 euros unless you are really looking for sumthing extraordinary. I also bought Venetian Mask. Mine is only covering my eyes (in pink!) but unfortunately I bought it before reaching Realto (coz I thot I cud not get any cheaper). I bought it for 4 euros at a shop. At Realto, you can get full mask Venetian Mask for only 9 euros!!! arghh...imagine my disappointment! Tho I can just buy another one but the thot of lugging them into my bag pose another problem. So i decided not to buy the full face mask. That's one of the things which I still regret up to this day....sigh....And yeah also try the gelato here...tho I was tired and moody that day, gelato is dfntly a must have in Italy!

Enough with Venice...up next......ROME!!


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