Europe Trip: Day Two/Three

Hey, glad to blog again...I just received my photobook! So excited!!
Basically, this sums up my whole experience, tho it is only 40 pages, this is what I really need to tell my stories....

Part of Day Two, has actually been told is previous post. To tell you the truth, I dun know whether I'll be able to tell day to day stories. Let's hope I persevere! Day two is pretty much spent in the bus. Really...From London, our next destination is Amsterdam. We went thru Euro Tunnel, where the bus was loaded into a train car. The train will stop at Calais, France. This is our entrance to Europe. By right, the France immigration should stop us and check our stuffs, however, since UK immigration has done all the hard works, the french just let us pass. From Calais, we headed to Amstelveel, our campside for the day. Along the journey, we stopped by at a chocolate shop in Belgium. Talking about being in 4 countries in a day! London, France, Belgium and Holland! After chocolate shopping, off we go to Amsterdam.

At the campsite at Amstelveel...My first night sleeping in a tent didn't go quite well. It was cold during the nite and it rained. One of my leg cramped! One of my tent mate suggested to stay in the cabin for the next destination. I just cudn't agree more!
The next day, we went to Volendam, a fishing village and Amsterdam. Volendam is a quiet town by the sea while Amsterdam is....who doesn't know Amsterdam! My pix taken at I Amsterdam

No, I didn't know the other girl in the pix. I managed to get on the river cruise here and visiting few places however, I totally forgot to go to ONE place everyone goes whenever they are here....the red light district!!'s not that I am interested in those places but at least I cud get myself a pix here which says I have been here. Well, other people might have different opinion, tho. Anyway, I'm quite happy with the trip to Amsterdam. I dun know whether it is worth it to go here again just for the red light district? But as of now, enuff of Amsterdam. Coz I'm heading to Germany! 


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