The World is Changing? Or We?

Yesterday, it was a blogging day for amazed me to see that most of my friends has their own blog and it is now one of the way to communicate between friends. I have friend who is now staying in europe and it has been a while since I last heard about him but whenever I asked one of his best friends 'bout his news, he seems to know everything. At first, I thought that they communicate thru phone or email, but actually thru blog. Blog is like a diary, youj ust write whatever you want to write bout yourself, the events around you, your thoughts, everything. The days of secret diary is totally over now.

I can still remember, when I was in high school, my friends are kinda obsessed with this diary thinging. I never do diaries though, it can't never be trusted. I've always watched movies, and in the movie, if you write diaries, people tend to find it. If you're writing things that can be used as evidence in a crime, that's good, but imagine that you write something secret, and you just don't want people to find out, but people find it and read it...that's a disaster!. It's for you to keep in your mind only, not on paper, definitely!

However, my friends had different ideas. We made a pact, we named our group "The Rippers Club" (and I couldn't remember whyyyyy???) and each of us (I think 5 or 6 of us) had to do diaries. Write everything that you experience or feel everyday, including our dissactifaction to our group members and any negative feeling we have to each other. The aim is to get us closer (even though initially I doubted that but yes, it did bring us closer). We had to keep the diary a secret and only after a year, we will pass the diary among us and read it together. Can you imagine, how naive we were? I couldn't remember much about reading the diaries but I knew it was hillarious because we mostly wrote about silly things. We simply couldn't "kutuk-kutuk" our friends. How could we?

The world is really changing now. When you look back, there are sooo many things which is a must once, now no longer a necessity. Like snail mail. Did you still remember the time when you write letters to your family, friends or that special somebody? It was a joy to receive one, and especially during "hari raya" you will compare with your friends on the number of cards received. It was a big news few years back when the postmen could't cope with the amount of cards to be sent and had to send it after raya season...and now? texting is the way to go! sms, mms, email or e-card is what we, the future generation do. But actually, how does the world change in very short period, i could easily say it happens within this 10 years. We are still the same person, but the technology is changing..and so damn fast too...few years back we were talking about micro technology, but now, it's nano..smaller things for bigger purposes...and i just couldn't imagine the next 10 years, a new technology is things, and people will say, new generation..but it's the same generation...we are..the world never change..we change the world..


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