Maghi make unta!

Well, the title sure caught anyone's attention..hehehe...last friday, my friends (Masri, Yo and Tasha) and i decided to drive to jerteh, attending a feast by a friend (Jack) who has just came back from sudan. Well, the long journey (about nearly six hours in the car) surely paid off since the main dish is "daging unta" beb!. I thought it was a joke by my friend but it was true. To tell you the truth, I couldn't even differentiate whether it was "unta" or "lembu". Pretty much the same to me. But Tasha, my trainee, whom I dragged along to the feast, told me it was more tender than "lembu"..hmm..could be...

L-R: Yo, Masri,the most prettiest girl (hahahaa), and Jack. Jack told us that the "unta" was brought to his house weeks before he was home. So, it kinda created a stir in the kampung. Not everyday you can see a camel here in Malaysia k. So, all the eager kids (I guess the old folks as well) gathered at his house to see the camel up-close till the day the camel being slaughtered. Well, too bad I was not there before the camel turned into a delicious meal coz I would have taken the pictures of the camel and me, of course! Maybe next time, when Jack bought another camel...hahaha...

On the ride back home, after sending our friend, Yo, I couldn't help but remember all the good times few years back. I knew Yo because we were in a team for a Malaysian Study's paper. We had to do studies on "Ulik Mayang". Since Yo lived in Terengganu, all the group members decided to travel to Kuala Terengganu to gather information on this subject. Little that we knew that Ulik Mayang was already being banned by the ruling government at that time. So, we didn't find any documentation on the subject nor the performances. So, the supposedly "information gathering" became a holiday to us. Yo was so kind to bring us to all the interesting places in Terengganu and made sure we enjoyed our weekned there. We lepak at the beautiful beaches, quenching our thirst with coconut drinks and eating "sotong celup tepung" and "kepoks" accompanying by the soothing was a heavenly experience to most of us, especially me coz I was from Melaka and we don't have that beautiful beach and I'm not used to lepak by the beach.

There are other memories too. Before I joined UTP, I was studying at Shah Alam and what an eye opening experience. Because Masri and I were both PPP/ITM exes, suddenly the old memories came back. It was quite a long ride you know! We talked about the good old times, the hysterical and the bitter ones. SOme people might think that they wasted their times there since we were not able to fly but as for me, I never regretted any of my moments there. If I could turn back my time, I still wanted the same thing. Studying at PPP/ITM makes me, ME. All my time there was something to be cherished thru out my life. As a teenager, it's like being handed your key of freedom, away from home, with only friends to rely to. It was challenging and totally depended on you to make your own choices but always knowing your own limits. To my ex-roommates, Wan, Ain, Nana and Jue, you did colored my life. And I wish you all the best in your life and I know that most of you already gained what you longed for. Room 407 is a blast! Thank you guys and thank you to all UDPs (Undergraduate Degree Program to US) for making my days there as fun as possible! My classmates, Class 7 UDP 1997, you guys rock!!

P/S: Actually, there are few pictures I wanna attach but I don't know why, the pictures can't be uploaded.


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