Got this one from Olyn's page!

You Are Most Like Miranda!

While you've had your fair share of romance, men don't come first
Guys are a distant third to your friends and career.
And this independence *is* attractive to some men, in measured doses.
Remember that if you imagine the best outcome, it might just happen.

Romantic prediction: Someone from your past is waiting to reconnect...

But you'll have to think of him differently, if you want things to work.

Damn!Why the prediction is sooo close? But sorry..I just won't do the last statement..


Kix said…
Haha ! Miranda ! mmm ... kinda agree with your characters ! hey miss you too ina !!!! bila nak jumpa nih ! Naj's pregnant ! can't imagine how she looks like ! with her chicken style ponytail ! hahah ! let's meet up later okay !

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