Working time...(sigh..)

Lame wei cuti...CNY+1 (plus one day off, saje je)...The long break, surely an enjoyable one. Get to see my families, my nenek-nenek kat kampung, my bro and sis and of course, my dear parents. The last time I saw them during New Year. Nearly 2 months..Also, I met my best friend, Zue. We did not see each other since...I can't remember when...well, maybe the last time was during bangkok trip...yeke??..that was in May last year!

My first time driving back home was OK 1st, I was not really comfortable with the idea of me driving alone the whole journey from Kerteh to was far, yes, it was quite scarry, definitely (all hutan along the way, you know!)'s quite funny for a person who really enjoyed adventureous things like hiking in the jungles, enjoying roller coaster rides..sooo not me...but yes, I was scarred and kept imagining bad things happening to me...but alhamdulillah, everything was fine..let's just forget how much my back hurts due to long hour drive (non-stop k!), it was kinda fun actually!

There wasn't much to tell about my holiday..biasa-biasa je laa...but this time, i'm driving my own does have its own perks, u know! lg mobile laa..easy to go here and there..but traffic jam was surely a global problem now, err...maybe not in kerteh yet..but not for long...

But now, back in the office, looking at the piles of works to be done, almost neverending laa...tensionnnyerrr....can't wait for another long break..sob..sob...


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