Trip to Kelate!

Hmm..the trip to Kelantan was surely an anjoyable one (for me!)! For the first time in my life, I step my foot on the wonderful land of Kelantan...I went there with my 2 best friends. We stayed in Hotel Politan and one of us is our tour guide who also is a very eager Kelantanese tour guide. Basically, we went to almost all the interesting places there like Rantau Panjang (gosh, a lot of my money has been spent there!), Pantai Cahaya Bulan, Kampung Siam and of course, KB Mall..hehehe...Here is the summary of our trip:

Day 1:
Travel from Kerteh to KB. Started driving (not me) at 530 pm and reached KB by 10pm. We went to dinner and planning on our activities during our stay. I saw Celcom's advert with Maya Karin fully "bertudung", you know.

Hmm..I didn't even see that in Terengganu..After that, we checked-in at Hotel Politan. We didn't pre-book the hotel, it's just that, one of us got a msg from a friend that Hotel Politan is one of the cheapest and the the facilities are also great. We straight-away looked for the hotel and it is located in the middle of KB town, certainly a location that we really wanted. The room is equipped with TV and air-cond. Perfect to me! Once in the hotel, I was preparing to get myself into bed, when suddely my friend msg me to go out for a brief sight-seeing. Nothing much to be seen but OK la..

Day 2:
I woke up very early, about 645 am for my Subuh prayer. After praying and ironing my cloth (I brought my own iron), I decided to go out and have breakfast. It was Friday, and Nik Aziz will be giving out ceramah near the area we are staying. I saw few khemah had been prepared for the ceramah but I just didn't have the heart to go coz I was wearing pants and everyone else was wearing baju kurung to the ceramah. I didn't want to be the center of attraction (hmmm...??)..So my friend and had breakfast, bought newspaper and shop around..Not really shopping but window shopping..There were many stalls being set up around the ceramah area. I've been told that the Kelantanese are mostly hardworking businessmen/women, and only after this trip, I knew it's true. There are just so many stalls, and they open it day and night. At first I thought that it was only for the ceramah but then during pasar malam, I saw the same stalls, and the next day, and the next time...
Later, we decided to go to Rantau Panjang. I suggested this place coz my officemate told me that I should go there for shopping since it is located near the border of Malaysia-Thailand and the goods are cheap since most of it were taken from Thailand.
At first we thought that not so many stalls would be open since it was Friday, but it was already buzzing with people when we got there. It was truly a shopping time for me! This was actually my photo before my shopping marathon..

Buying this, that, here goes my money..When I bought a beautiful dress, after trying it out a few times...oppss...checking my more money?! But gotta have this dress and my dear friend let me borrow his legaaa..but that's it! no more buying after this, enuff is enuff..
On the way back to the hotel, we decided to stop by at KB Mall. It's nearing CNY and Valentine's Day,so, you can imagine the bustling crowd. The air-cond is surely a relief to one of us (I don't want to name names) who just can't stand the heat..After having our lunch (A&W and someone else is buying for me) and shop a lil (no, not me), we headed to our dear hotel to refresh ourselves.
Before the day was over, we thought that a trip to Pantai Cahaya Bulan (PCB) was definitely perfect to cap our day here. The scenery is OK to me. For a person who has been to beautiful islands like Redang and Pangkor (me, of course!), the beach at PCB is a so-so laa...Maybe becoz of the erosion and the contamination...But still, we enjoy the sceneries and the people while eating scrumptuous keropok. What better way?
Due to the exhaustion and eating late (we had lunch at 4pm), we really wanted to just passed over the dinner. However, the nite before, while touring KB town, we came across this lavish restaurant and realllyyy wished for having dinner there. So, with full stomach but strong determination, we headed to New Horizon Garden (I think that's the restaurant's name).

Initially, my friends wanted to order western foods, not knowing that it wasn't served at this restaurant. As for me, I had my mind on the drinks only. I just couldn't stomach any more food, fearing I will pengsan (hehehe...saje je..)..It was an odd situation coz all we really wanted was ordering just the drinks when the waiter came with small "mangkuk and sudu". I guess that's for the soup or tomyam. We just looked at him, saying" Tak bang, kita tak order". However, one of friends finally ordered ice cream and tomyam. The rest of us "tengok je la" (but we have our drinks k!).

Day 3:
Last day in Kelantan! Since today is my last day here, I wanted to explore the town especially the famous Pasar Siti Khadijah. It's not that far from the hotel but the thought of me going alone is almost unthinkable..mean, mean friends, but, I've no choice..i guess it's OK since it's Kelantan, nothing to fear about. Everyone seems so nice and "sopan-sopan". After asking directions from the hotel staff and also the passer-by, i managed to get there. It was still early though when i get there (maybe around 9am). So, not so many shops and people were there.

After snapping 2 pictures, I headed back to the hotel and have breakfast with my friend at a restaurant near our hotel.
Before going back to Kerteh, we had lunch at our Kelantanese friend's house and later, drove back.

All in all, it's been an amazing trip..I really enjoyed it and maybe, just maybe, I can go there again. The most interesting place? Surely Rantau Panjang...hehehe... For more "cerita" read my friend's blog: ralph


HELME said…
Aku terkagum dgn 2 peniaga minyak lintah and minyak urut di sekitar bazar yg pandai speaking dgn mat salleh...hebat!

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