Sidney memories....always..

Last week, while browsing thru google's news, I was really stumped on the news of the death of one of my fav authors, Sidney Sheldon...I've almost read every book he wrote. The last one I think was, Bloodline (nope, it's not the latest, but the only one I didn't read yet), which I borrowed (and never returned back:))...sorry Han!). It was sad knowing that you will not be able to read his novels anymore. I was a fan since I was 14 and has been a fan ever since. Actually this last few months, I've been waiting for his latest book, since I was bored to death and I just knew that his books will be able to solve this problem. Not to say that I don't have much works to do but sometimes you just need to get away from this world for a while and reading novels is just what I do.

He has been my inspiration for years. He and Judith McNaught (my other fav authors, I hope she can still write books..pleasee...)are the driving force for me wanting to improve my english language. I was a kampung girl (and still am!) and most of us can't really understand english, let alone, speak in it. But I was so determine to really master the language, so that I'll be able to read what the 2 authors are writing about. Thanks to the influence from my high school friends, whom mostly were from KL, and can write and speak in this language. They let me borrow their Sidney Sheldons and for the first few days, I can't really understand whatever was being written. But thanks to Mr Dict (Dictionary) and my friends, finally, it was OK for me. But the most motivational was, the stroryline was so good, I couldn't wait to turn to the next page. Sheldon is my fav since he always manage to keep his readers guessing and excited from the first page to the last.

I could still remember the plot for the first book of Sheldon which I read. The title is "If Tomorrow Comes". Actually I've watched the movie (yes, they actually make it into a movie but it was so long ago) but only when I was halfway thru the book did I remember watching it. I think the book is better than the movie becoz my imagination hero is better than in the film..hehehe...the book was so interesting that I had to repeat reading it till I can almost memorize each word...yup that's me (for those who knew me, it's a norm)..I do that for interesting stories only and Sheldon never fails me...I love all his books and I can't even name which one is the best...

There will be no more Sheldon after this. It will be sad, but I will always remember him as my motivator, my inspiration...


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