My name is Bond....James Bond

Yeah, I wish! Last nite, me and my 2 mates went to watch new Bond movie at KLCC. It was my first time watching muview at KLCC. Since it SALEs time, can't resist taking a peek at Isetan and Parkson. tp lalu je laaa...memang ramai giler orang..i guess it's part and parcel of living here. sales everywhere.

Back to Bond movie, what can I say? Just dun bring ur kids along. Agak ganas cerita tuh..Bond can't stop killing people. But in this movie, Bond shows more of his human side. He is not that perfect la...gadgets pun dah kurang, more actions, i likeee... the only thing i dun like is his conquest over women. he effortlessly get any women he wants... it's like he has this not only license to kill but license to flirt with all the women that crosses his path..arghh...sungguh tak puas ati..

Nway, thanks to Ida, my housemates for the free tickets. I'm sooooo looking forward our next free movies, again!!


SaDi said…
hmmm.... jeles ni... dah lama tak gi tengok movie... asyik layan VCD cetak r#*)^^&.... huahauhauha :p
herl said…
sama la..selalunye layan yg cetak rompak tp sebab free kan..g je laaa...hehe..partabi
herl said…
what da heck...partabi?? ntah ape tuh..
zOe said…
herl go watch twilight...awesome..hehe ..
Anonymous said…
This restaurant must be avoided at all cost . The kitchen is so dirty ,
it make me feel like vomiting .

Go and check their kitchen if u dont believed me .

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