Amazing Gold Coast....

Day 1

-Depart from LCCT to GC GC.
- Reached coolangata airport at about 8am. Bag inspection and all, got out from the airport about 10am. one very important reminder: just don't bring any food to Gold Coast. maggi ke ape ke, sure kena buang punya...

-ngantuk la my partners in crime..guys, you all made this trip more meaningful...
-check-in kat our apartment...nice apartment!

-next? shopping kat harbour town!!!

- harbour town is like factory outlet but on a larger scale. housed many branded items like fossil (yep, bought a watch here, darn cheap!), polo, elle, etc, etc...byak giler sampai tak ingat dah. but this is a must go place la once u reach there...

Day 2:
- Carrara Market! Like our very own pasar tani but of course, Gold Coast style!

-Souvenirs are abundance here but beware! Some of the souvenirs here are much more expensive than other place. Don't buy cushion covers or koala keychains here, u'll feel cheated, just like i did.
- Next stop? Pacific fair!

- When we went there, Terry White Chemist (just like Watson here) is holding perfume sale. I bought Britney Spears' Fantasy for less than RM100! even had our lunch Krispy Kreme! amek gambar Krispy Kreme k...bukan mamat yg shirtless ni la pemandangan biasa kitorang kat sana...ahakss....

Day 3:
One day Gold Coast Tour
-We joined a tour coz we felt that we might not get the chance to really get to know Gold Coast on our own. The tour was fun and informative.
-Our first stop is the amazing Q1 tower, the tallest residential tower in Gold Coast.

-Second stop is Currumbin Wildlife Center

Kat sini dapat amek gambar with Koala and Kanggaru k!

-Masa on the way balik, sempat singgah Hard Rock

Day 4:
- Whale me, this is the hi-lite of the whole Gold Coast trip! I recommend you guys to travel to Gold Coast between July to November to experience this.

-Me and Izan on the boat. But I didn't get to capture the humpback whale in action on my camera. They are just so fast. I did few videos but since the distance between the boat and the whale is quite far, we couldn't really see it. But it was real before our very own eyes. Memang best watching the whales welcome you by flipping their tail. I think, we got to see more than 5 whales in action during our 3 hour on the boat. When we were about to take-off from the whale location, a pair of whales came close to our boat. A mother and its cub. The mother was so friendly, she not only flipped her tail and swam up the water, she also did flipped her whole body when she got close to our boat, showing off to us, and swam under the boat. Priceless!! But no picture and video. Sayang sungguh!
- Our next destination was Seaworld...

-Here, we got to see the sea animals up close and personal! There are sea-lion show, dolphins show, etc. I like dolphin show!

Picture of seaworld from the skyway

Last Day:
-Gold Coast is not complete without a trip to Movieworld.

Yes, i did ride the two rides shown here, Batwing and Superman rides.

Being in Movieworld is like experimenting ur childhood all over again...ahh...I wanna be Peterpan...never grow up...

I guess that's my story in Gold Coast. Words actually can never describe my feelings thru-out my stay there. It would be fun to go there again...well, only after my Europe trip..ntah bila la tuh...


k.anne said…
hhehehe x ajak pun ye? ...:D
Anonymous said…
wow...seronok nyer la ko kan!! benci aku mendengar nyer. tapi takper someday boleh aku ke sana gak...kui kui.
weheeeeee...takkan blk camtu n upload kosong2 je kan...harus ku tuntut souvenirs later kat kenduri shaq...muahahhahaha...nways, boley la aku pinjam itenary ko nie for my trip may next yr k...btw, ur appartment tue, brape AUD per night? amek package or book sendiri2 sume tue
Annie said…
Glad you enjoyed the Gold Coast, I love to read about people having a good time here. Also interesting how you found the souvenirs more expensive in Carrara Markets, that is a good tip. Where did you see them cheaper?
Hope you visit the amazing Gold Coast again soon.
bestnyer ...bila lah nak sampai sana
aiza said…
k.ina, x puas la tgk gambar.. ltk lah byk2 gambr lg.. bila plak next trip? nak ikuttt...haha
niQue_naQ said…
wah2! nice pics babe!

jeles nyeee..nak gi gak aa next year, nanti i ask where to go and where to stay bagai okey :p

bila nak meet up nie? beria dah balik kl hehehe
herl said…
verde, kalau ade souvenirs lebih, i pass. tp takle janji laa...apartment dalam 500+ sorang for 5 nites. ok la. complete sume ada, washing machine, dryer, dishwasher, vacuum..memang berbaloi..
annie, i found items sold at shops around trinkett street, surfer paradise much more cheaper than carrara. maybe not all but some are.
aizah, gambar lain byak tp kat dalam facebook. tu pun byak tak upload lg..
nique, i dah kat kl nih, bila2 boleh...but sabtu nih i nak g umah anne kot..just sms me...

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