Domino punye cerita

Right now, I'm sitting in my office, eating free Domino pizza. Again? Free?? And today is our second day free pizza. SECOND DAY FREE PIZZA?!

It goes like this, yesterday, my colleagues and I ordered Domino pizza delivered to our office. We ordered at 12pm. Since Domino has this guarantee to deliver pizza within 30 minutes OR FREE PIZZA, who would've thot that they took bout 1 and half hours to get to our office. Yes, we were quite mad, and at first, didn't even notice bout the free pizza. We were so damned hungry! When the pizzas reached us, guess what? it's for FREE! We ordered 5 pizzas and it's free. Satu cent pon tak kuar. Memang best la makan free kan...

Today, the person who ordered our pizza yesterday, got a call from Domino, apologizing for the late delivery (excellent customer service!), hence the pizzas sent to us were cold (I didn't notice it was cold, biasa la free..) and Domino decided to send the same pizzas today, fresh from the oven and it's also for FREE! Tahap gaban betul Domino nih jaga standard dia. Yg untungnyer kitorang la..

Hail Domino, the new pizza king!


rough said… ker smpai camtuh? hebat nyer domino nih. next time aku pn nak dieorg send la camtuh...bile2 ade kat KL ler kan. and of cos kita kana melepak2 mcm biasa bersama2 ok. even better now, kl banyak tmpt nak lepak. see u!!
jo said…
untung ko bagus gak dorg buat camni..
herl said…
rough, looking forward to seeing u in kl..

jo.. memang untung plus kenyang giler...memang jd big fan of domino la lepas nih..

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