Too lazy

Updating my blog now seems like a herculean task now. Maybe becoz, I have Facebook and have since become an addict to it. The fun part is of course, "jejak kasih" with long lost friends. I managed to re-connect with some of my schoolmates whom I thot have lost in this big wide planet. Suddenly, my life has become more cheerful and more friends are unearthed. I just love technology when it does good thing like that. But I try as hard as I can not to be sooo dependent on it. And I failed miserably. Can't help but logging on to facebook every single day.

By end of this week, I planned to spend my weekend at my house in Melaka. Raya Haji this monday! but sadly, I'll be working on tuesday, so raya kejap je la. cuti takde, baru masuk keje, uhukss...krismas pun tak tau la cuti ke tak (not that i'm celebrating it but kalau off on friday, quite long weekend gak kan?)...

It's end of the year now. really gud time to start thinking of new resolutions..have few already...

i) Conquering Kinabalu in April
ii) Kuruskan sket badan...dok KL nih tak kurus pun...makin naik ade la..
iii) Prepare barang2 for umah baru..can't wait...
iv) Bekerja dgn lebih rajin

Tu je la for the time being...what bout u?


facebook have been there for sooo long...even u have been into facebook since u r in terengganu lagie herrrrrrrrr!!!

my bet is that its the KL vibe that get u into facebook everyday ;) trueeeeee?!?!??! No?!?!?

herr...jangan jadi kan ia nye alasan herr dengan tidak keep in touch with us dulue2..muahahhaha
zOe said…
hehe..told u..ul get sucked in by fb ur just gonna do kinabalu ka next yr ni ..jom cuti2 lagi but short to mid haul trip lah tarak mampu aku pun still recuperating frm d oz trip
herl said…
verde..the problem is..masa kat kerteh memang malas giler nak since in KL rajin la, since it's the most efficient way to contact u all yg kaki fb kan...terpaksa la i join the crowd..hehe too..tgah recover gak from our vacay but i wouldn't trade it for anything in the world, best giler g GC!..trip to uk is tempting but true, no budget this year..kita buat around asean je laa

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