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So, what do I do on Friday nite? Well, at first, my thot was more on the new Prosperity burger. While lepakking, having a blast of prosperity burger, it is only fair to end the day with a visit to nearest cinema to watch Cicakman 2. My heart is set on watching on since I saw the promo on tele.

The crowd at TGV KLCC was huge. Mostly eager to watch Cicakman. It has only been released the day before, so of course you can predict the madness. Surprisingly, the crowd came with "extra baggage". I mean, they brought down the house! Their whole family was there. People sitting next to me, brought all their children, along with "nenek and atuk". Hebattt...

So, back to this Cicakman movie. I did watch Cicakman 1. I was really impressed with the first movie.
This movie started quite explosively with the introduction of Rrama, Cicakman's nemesis. She works for Professor Klon. Her laugh is really something significant in this movie. To me, it enhances her evil character. Cicakman? Apek is his usual self. But I guess, his antics has been toned down to bring up the hero character in him. Profeesor Klon, acted by Aznil...what can I really say bout him? During the first half of the movie, when he tried to be innocent and serious, it just doesn't go well with me. Reason being, maybe becoz I'm more comfortable with his over acting Professor Klon. But when does, I feel familiar again..

This time around, I noticed many all-star acting in this movie. Mamat Khaled as the evil businessman, Aziz M Osman as Fasha's boss, Azwan Ali and Dee as the ever arguing neighbors, etc. Even tho they made brief appearance, they really made an impact. Other than that, to me it just show how much they admire this movie and how proud they are on our Malaysian brand.

As for the plot, they do have a story to tell. It's about Professor Klon wanting to take over Metrofulus. It's like he wanted to take revenge to the current mayor.
The only thing I don't really like bout this movie is, the connection of Ginger brothers to Cicakman. Everyone knew they were dead in the first movie. I don't mind them as ghost, but now they have fire power on their side. It seems unlogical, but this movie itself is not something that happens in real world. Well, maybe that's the point. But the one thing I just can't accept is, Ginger brothers killed Professor Klon (I assumed he's dead since he's on fire and the whole place was blasted off). Not Cicakman, or any other alive homo sapiens. Why?? Even if Fasha killed him by hit him on the head, I can still take it.

Other than that, maybe some of the scenes are not really CGI smooth but again, with limited budget, it is forgivable.

As a coclusion, I'm proud of our movie. Maybe we can do better, but this is the best for now. Malaysia Boleh!


Pink Mama said…
I think the first one is better than this one. :)
herl said…
i think i agree with u pink mama!

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