Happy Hols Peeps!

It's gonna be long weekend this week due to Christmas celebration and also Awal Muharram. But I'm going back to Melaka only on 26 dec since my sis gonna come to KL to do some shopping and sightseeing here. Well, maybe I need to do that too. FYI, I've not done any major shopping since the start of YES this year. Imagine how strong my willpower! Way to go girl!

Also, did u read the paper recently? The recession is really upon us (maybe not yet but if the world is having it, it'll come to us sooner than we thot). Watch out, peeps, hard times ahead! I'm thinking to cut down on my spending and not to lavish myself on things that is not really necessary. Maybe to start doing the checklist.

However,let's enjoy our long holidays and forget EVERYTHING for a while. , I would like to wish everybody, Happy Long Holidays! Spend it wisely! (err..I mean the holiday)


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