My Levi's

My birthday is coming very soon. Rite now I'm thinking on what to give myself for my big birthday. Last year, I bought myself a new phone. This year, I dunno..maybe Laptop (kinda broke...), or just simple Levi's jeans. I just lost my only Levi's last month. I brought my Levi's for repair at a shop in Melaka but maybe my badluck, the shop owner passed away and the shop has never been opened again.

The Levi's was a gift from my dad when I was twelve for my outstanding result in UPSR. I felt like a king wearing it..And I can still fit into it eventho more than 15 years has passed. How cool is that? And my Levi's is totally the weight watcher that I need. whenever I can't fit into it or feel not comfortable wearing it coz it's too tight..well, it means, I'm gaining weight and just gotta put it off so, I can wear my Levi's again, again and again..I just lurveee it soooo much...

But it's funny. It's been some time since I bought my last jeans. I can't even remember when. I bought the usual:Ladylike, Institute, and some other un-branded jeans. I never thot of buying another Levi's coz:
1- It's more expensive than the brands that I mentioned above
2- I see no reason owning another one coz to me, it just have to be the ultimate Levi's, one and only. No competitor. I just love it so much and not willing not to love it when I have another one. It just have to be the greatest Levi's ever! The sentimental value it gave me is something that won't let me trade it for anything else.

Am I rite? Or just stupid? But it is.

After having it for nearly half of your life, life feels not the same. I missed it so much and maybe some people don't understand it. Should I buy another Levi's and lavish my attention to it or just don't buy one and let the memory linger for the rest of my life?

Whatever it is, I have to decide it before my next birthday....


Mrs ZYI said…
sentimental value tu, kakcik!

buy other branded jeans la, if that's the case. contoh? ntahh..

u know me la kan, am sooo not into jean-type ni hehehe..
HELME said…
cuba try call kedai tu..mana tahu anak2 dia angkat. tak pun pergi ketuk2 pintu kedai tu time raya nanti mesti ada orang. masa tu kau mengaku semua kau punya....okay tak idea ni??

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