Lucky me!

Today (tonite, actually), is the second day of me surfing the net at home for free. At the office, I got broadband connection, due to the fact that every department have one pc with net and since I'm the only one in my dept, i don't have to argue with anyone to get it.

I was thinking of subscribing to the newly popular wireless broadband, either celcom or maxis broadband. Since I'm a maxis user, might as well opt for maxis, rite? Oppss..I guess I forgot to tell you that I have given myself an acer laptop for my birthday. But still, I still can't get my mind off the Levi's and intent to get it ASAP. Back to the broadband story, yeah, I was thinking to get one. After reading at various forums, on the pro and cons of wireless broadband, it seems that since the tech is still new, more cons than pros. Well, maybe I was destined to blog and surf in the office. The only problem is, my boss can actually monitor our activity online. I'm not comfy with the thot of while I blog, my boss knew bout it. He didn't restrict us on the net activities, but..not comfy at all. I wanna surf at home!

Yesterday's nite, while doing my work at home (I've been at the office every nite since the last few days to ensure that before leaving my office to offshore trip next week, I will have a free mind), my laptop signals that a wireless broadband is available. And no password required. How lucky am I?

And it's still there as I'm blogging now. Well, maybe it's not gonna be for long (the owner will somehow find it sooner or later), but I'm gonna use till it's no longer available. Who knows, the owner may never find out!


rough said… nyer. kalau la aku juga ade mende2 camnie kat tmpt aku skrg. sure best!!
Lina said…
takpe, sabau2...wei..aku try call tak dapat laa..why?
k.anne said…
heheh..sabo je la ek cik ina oiii...:):):)...

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