How’s YOUR raya?

No hi-lite from me. It’s like any other usual day, but the difference is, getting sooo may guests coming to ur house like never before, going to all ur relatives house, eat a lot of ketupat, rending, lemang..almost every house I went serve the same things..boring laa…but have to eat..nnt terasa’s almost sooo many stories to tell, but actually, it’s the same story.

So..what else happening?

But I have very interesting tale to tell. Before pushing off to kerteh, I managed to attend my neighbor’s wedding. We grew up together. Well, almost (I start living away from my kampong at the wee age of 13, but still, I see her regularly during my school/semester break). Her mom died few days before fasting month started, but to honour the promise with the bridegroom, the wedding took place as usual. But the groom was the one not fulfilling his promise.

Just 3 days before the wedding, the groom came to her house. It was for raya, so you thot. Not. He went to discuss the wedding. It was supposed to be a happy discussion but he intended to postpone the wedding. What??? Surely the bride’s father freaked out, and so the rest of her family. Since the khemah had already been built, some relatives were already at her house to get her prepared for her big day, of course you just can’t postpone it. So, he left the house looking gloomy.

During her nikah ceremony, at first, it was supposed to be after Asar, but the groom’s father called informing he couldn’t attend and to postpone it to the next day. Nikah in the morning and sanding in the afternoon. OK, the bride’s family agreed.

On the nikah ceremony, the groom arrived at about 11am, with jeans and shirt with his friend on a bike, with “koyok” on his forehead, claiming he was sick the whole day. Eventho almost everyone including the tok kadi was stumped, the nikah was at least a success. Later, during sanding, he didn’t want to do it. Only after the bride’s family threaten to beat him to his death, only then he agreed.

The worst part is, I only came for the food and was not able to be part of the drama as I need to leave early. The best part is, the continuation of this story. What will happen next? After such humiliation, I don’t think the bride’s family can ever forgive the groom. He was like being forced to a marriage he didn’t want. Yet, we are living in a modern era. You can’t just force someone. He and the bride has agreed on this wedding. They have been engaged few months back. It is not only happening yesterday.

Where is his respect to the bride’s family? I’ve heard so many cases of bad wedding day, but never I thot that it will be happening next to my door. Yes, she did get married...but now, people is wondering what will happen after the marriage..

Mean...mean world...that's the one we are living in now...


rough said…
ohhh...citer yg agak memeranjatkan. errrkkk...ok ok, nanti aku call ko and kita leh sembang2 yer.
Mrs ZYI said…
yup, shocking.. hmm bride's fmly la kesian..dah la the mother baru passed away..iskk..*belasah je bgroom itu*

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