Lately, it's a recurring pain...Maybe due to heavy workloads...sooo heavy that i wanna cry blood...sigh...and another offshore trip at the end of this week (sunday) and be back onshore on monday. i fear that i couldn't balik celebrate raya with my family (touchwood!)..but this project is very tight on the schedule. no choice but have to go end of this week. however, the chopper schedule not been fixed yet. if can't get it this sunday, have to go on monday. the next chopper back to shore is on wednesday. if can get chopper on wednesday laaa..coz it's very near raya, everyone offshore wants to go back to their kampung and priority for chopper booking is always the owner first. The contractor (like me and the rest of the team) is secondary..The next chopper back to shore after wednesday is on sunday. raya is on saturday!! some of my opismates are already suggesting me to bring along the baju raya and kuih raya to offshore..soo mean..yet, it could be happening, u know!!

also, this raya might not what i thot it would be...after raya have to send packages to client la plak...can i raya and not thinking bout my job?? headache again..

my birthday falls on that departure date to offshore...uhuks...


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