Merdeka Holiday

After sooooo long not coming to the office, I feel not used to it..ahakss...So, the main question here, where did I go for the holiday? Balik kampung. Nowhere else. The furthest would be visiting my granny at Serkam Pantai. Still in Melaka laa..So malas nak berjalan to somewhere else. Well, I heard one of my friends is already having his blast of time in Australia now. Bestnyerr...Nway, it's about me here :p

I must say, this year's merdeka celebration is surely one of the biggest and to be remembered for quite some time. it's the big five-o. I woke up very early in the morning to watch it...on TV. hehe..I don't think it's appropriate to drive to Melaka town just to watch the event when the biggest would surely be in KL. So, better watch it on TV. I used to be in merdeka parade once. But for Melaka state level only..I couldn't forget all the sweat and tiredness I'd gone thru for the practises. My face went black after the parade due to long hour exposure to the sun (I was fairer before the event). But all that paid off when we marched before our TYT and Ketua Menteri. Nothing in this world could beat that feeling. Honoured and proud.

Other than that, I went to my granny's kampung for the sole purpose of...visiting her. It's been so long when I last see her. But before pushing off to granny's house, my mom told me about a wedding to take place at my sedara's house, very near to my granny's house..aiyoo..the event I have been trying sooo hard to avoid..But i just can't cancel my trip just not to attend the wedding. So, I went. It was quite an eventful wedding. Meriah sakan gak la, even tho it's at the groom's house (my cousin is the bridegroom). They even had "ayam golek" as one of the main dishes. Not bad! Wish I could have the same menu for my wedding...These are the "hantaran" from the bride to the groom.

Wish my cousin all the best!(well, I forgot to mention that I also help out in cooking one of the dishes, but not the dishes on that wedding day, the day before, sambal nasi lemak. bidan terjun! But I guess the sambal is OK, my auntie gave direction from start to the end...ahaks..)

I also decided long ago that I wanted to add little accessory to my house in Melaka. A set of couch! So, when I was in town, I did check out few couches to complement my house and my heart really set out for this couch..I think it's modern and just "my taste".

But my mom, kind of reluctant to have it in the house. She wanted something traditional and asked me to follow her to her favorite furniture shop..Once there, she realllllyyyy like this one design. But, since I'm paying for it, she let me decide. This is supposed to be easy, but it's not. So, we opted for her choice. You know, it's not everyday you can make your mom happy. This is it:

Well, it's her house anyway!. My house will be a different story...


yus said…
woowww belanje mak set sofa tu.. so schwwuueettaahh.. ;)
rough said…
best nyer...cuma kuno la sofa yg mak ko pilih. agak heran yer zaman2 skrg nie...ekekekek.

tapi yer la kadang2 je leh buat dia hepi kan.
vErde said…
so proud of u xrumate...selagi ade kesempatan, its the only time that we can repay them in a way...insyaallah bertambah murah rezeki herr lps nie ;)
bigg said…
Hi. I kinda read in your blog about registering as a graduate engineer with BEM and IEM. Anyway, I am registering too, but just unable to find an Ir to verify all the copies. Would you recommend anyone? I'm in Kerteh too. Good to have stumbled upon this blog:)
Lina said…
bigg...i'm still looking for one. but recently, i heard someone from PCSB can verify. you can call my office number 09-8266455 (ask the operator for my name, lina). I'll tell you who it is.

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