Berbuka D Awana

Yesterday, after having some discussion with the clients, we (my officemates and I) went to Awana for berbuka puasa. I know some of my friends will complain that eventho it's fasting month, food seems to be the main topic here...Well, kalau dah puasa, kena la berbuka kan kan kan??

My company invited our clients to berbuka with MMC's staffs and family. 2 in 1 la nih. With clients and with families. I'm one of the bujang staffs, so I went there alone. Let's check out the pictures that I managed to snap in between the meals:

Shown (in red arrow) are my meals during the first round (second round after Maghrib prayer..hehe..)

Dato' Siti, watch out! She's my officemate's daugther..She's so cute and soo chatty. I dunno what she sang the whole time I was enjoying my meals but I think she can surely challenged the good singer nowadays (or was it coz I was soo hungry?)..

Possibly the cutest girl around...and err..the most hyperactive..She's gonna be good athlete one day..

Lastly, my officemate, Awe, in action..Gotta finish all the roasted lamb..hehe..


rough said…
makan lagi...!! jom jom...
Jojoe said…
Hi Herlina. Remember Jojoe from Mozac96? Ada buka puasa 6-Oct ni kat KL join la.

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